6 Workout Leggings With Pockets That Will Serve You Right

Exercise clothing serves the purpose to give you freedom of movement so that your 20 minutes workout on the treadmill would not make you struggle. Having less fabric in the cloth benefits you for workout sessions as it is crucial to monitor the direction your body is moving and to be in the right body position to reduce the risk of injury.

Pairing sports bra or top that is form-fitting and simple with pants or shorts seems like an ideal solution. However, on the practical side, a gym devotee that usually multi-tasks between running around town and doing errands would need pockets to store credit card, phone or other necessary items. The good news is that the active wear brands know what you need, and they are more than happy to sell you a few of their leggings that come with cleverly designed pockets that are hidden underneath the waistband or outside on the leg. What is more exciting is that the leggings are available in various styles too. So one could keep calm and do the One-Legged King Pigeon and not have to worry about losing her keys.

Here are some of the best women’s workout leggings with pockets available on the market:

Legging With Pockets You Will Lovemattepocketlegs

1) BlackMilk: Matte Pocket Leggings

Our must-have wardrobe staple, the matte leggings, now with conveniently phone-sized pockets.

There are a few tips to follow to ensure your leggings always looks their best. Your leggings could go a bit sheer when stretched due to its touchable and soft fabric. If you’re between sizes, we suggest sizing up to keep your booty matte and fabulous. You are also advised to wearing seamless and nude underwear. And it’s imported and made in Australia.

Material : 86% Nylon,  14% Elastane.


2) Swoob Athletic Wear: Capri Legging with Capri Legging with Pockets Dyed CharcoalPockets Dyed Charcoal

This ultra soft pair of leggings capris will surely incite your obsession! Being street-inspired, it features a wide and non-binding waistband that make you stay comfortable all-day, and it also has two stylish and cute looking front pockets. These capris are ideal for climbing, biking, running, yoga, or just casual activities in the evening. You can squat, run and even shake your booty without slightest concern as they would cover your assets well even when you are sweating. It will is shrinking resistant, dries fast and will not fade, owing to the cottony-soft fabric called Supplex that it is made of. It is available in charcoal and black color. If you are concerned with ethical consumerism, you would be happy that this capri is made by a company from the USA, and it put considerable emphasis on green manufacturing and social responsibility.

Material: 1) Black: 90% Supplex nylon 10% Spandex. 2) Charcoal gray: 87% Polyester 13% Spandex.


3) Deblon Sports: Side Pocket Leggingsdeblon-sports-side-pocket-leggings

You would not want to miss this side pocket leggings that beautifully fits while filling up your workout wardrobe. They are the perfect fit for all types of exercise as they are made of flexible and breathable high-quality fabric that shapes your body. You could simply slip your MP3 player or phone into the side pocket, and you are good to go. It is good to mention that they are made of Supplex, which is a very smooth and high-quality fabric that hold its shape and is breathable while giving your body a flattering look it deserves.

Materials: Supplex (92% Polyamide, 8% Elastane)


Black Leggings With Pocketssupernova_mesh_pocket_legging_rev_side_grande

4) Michi: Suprastelle Leggings With Pocket 

Equipped with dual angular mesh inserts, this full-length leggings is high performance plus good ventilation, add dimension and also slimming effect. This should not be surprising as Suprastelle leggings are made of Switzerland high-performance silky fabric which is breathable and is eight-way stretch moisture wicking. The dual angular mesh inserts are strategically placed that they add dimension, gives added dimension and also efficient airflow. The leggings are also complete with fishnet pocket that has enough space for your iPod, mobile phone, a gym pass and others.

The 3” thick fabric covering the soft elastic waistband doubles as comfortable shape wear that tapers your waistline fit and nice. For comfort and chafe resistance, there is also a flat seamed. One important thing to highlight that it is a product from Canada.

Materials: 88% Nylon / 12% Lycra


5) Old Navy Active Compression Leggingsold-navy-compression-leggings

These compression leggings not only help keep everything free from wiggling and well positioned, your belongings are taken care of too. You will not longer be bothered with the tangle of headphones as there is a hidden pocket in the waistband that you could utilize. What makes these leggings special is that they are made of moisture-wicking compression fabric which is not only smooth but also come with added stretch, making it ideal for athletic core support. Also, chafing is prevented as there are flat-lock seams on the leggings. On the plus side, there are a good variety of interesting patterns and colors to for you to choose from. To provide added comfort, they are also tag-free.

Materials: 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex, 12% spandex.


Leggings With Back Pocketslululemon-all-the-right-places-crop-ii

6) Lululemon All The Right Places Crop II

This cross-sport crops is thoughtfully designed to support and cover you in all the right places. Fabric blocking and seams are also strategically placed to provide zoned compression throughout your thighs, bum, abs, and hips so that you could keep going, never mind the sweat. These high-performance leggings are of delicate design: the lightweight Luxtreme® fabric panels gives you freedom in movement while Full-On® Luxtreme fabric panels give you strategic support. Besides, it is also equipped with technical fabrics which is the sweat-wicking LYCRA® fiber that enables you to stretch four-way. The zip-free pockets in the back and on the side of the waistband come as an extra bonus which allows comfortable floor workouts. You will note that these leggings have no front seam so that riding up can be prevented.

Materials: 100% Nylon


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