How To Rule The Fashion Trend Of Lace Pencil Skirt 

It can be tough to pair the lace pencil skirts with other wear pieces as they are so super feminine that they are deemed to be more dressed up or “fancy”. Though these skirts are not considered to be casual wear, there are many ways that they can work for everyday looks and even for special nights out. Below are 4 style tips on how a lace pencil skirt can be worn:


We are in love with the slimming pencil skirt silhouette which is familiar to us. If you yet to try on one with a lacy texture, perhaps this modern street style look would help you to decide. The street styler showed here paired her skirt with a crisp button-down shirt and a pair of white sneakers.


Black Lace Pencil Skirt

It is always good to go with a more modest versions, something that is form-fitting, neutral, and appropriate for an office. For example, you could try this structured non-see-through lace bottom in navy color paired with an ivory white top, complete with a cool black blazer.


White Lace Pencil Skirt

The spectacular result that you see here is the outcome of a beautiful lace pencil skirt that is dressed down with a denim shirt. By the way, keep in mind that nude pumps are the must have for all fashion enthusiast outs there as you can pair nude pumps with just about everything.

Get for yourself this amazing look by pairing your pencil skirt with a cool chambray button-down shirt.



If you are going out for the day, the lace pencil skirt would still work when dressed down. You can wear a neutral cashmere sweater half tucked in a white lace pencil skirt. The lace skirt would be the statement piece of your outfit while the sweater gives a look a more casual feel. Further, accessorize the outfit with pretty flats and a statement watch. During the warmer weather, lace and chambray work extremely well when put together. Let you favorite denim shirt tucked in a white lace skirt, then complete the outfit with a pair of aviators and nude sandals.

Here are some styling tips and ideas for long lace skirts you should keep in mind :

  • This season, crop tops can be seen everywhere, so pair a cropped top or T-shirt top with your lace pencil skirt to create a sophisticated, chic, and sexy look which you can wear all day and also for a night out in the town.
  • Pointed heels would dress up your pencil skirt, and instantly elongates your legs so that you would look leaner, taller, and more graceful.
  • During winter, wear your lace pencil skirt with a pair of thigh high leather boots which would keep your legs warm while giving your look just the right amount of texture. Alternatively, ankle boots and an oversized sweater would work equally well too.
  • As spring time arrives, it is good to be slightly bolder on the choices of color. While department stores and boutiques response to the season with wear pieces in neon and other bright colors piling up in their inventory, you may want to wear something that flatters your skin tone. Be sure to wear it with a simple blouse so that it does not create competition. If you do it right by wearing the loud colors in a classic style, you could achieve a look with a chic-factor that makes you stylishly confident.
  • You should get a pencil skirt in the right fit, one that will always look smooth when you are wearing it. If the skirt rolls or has bumps when you stand up straight, then it is probably too tight and you should go up one size. Not only that a skirt that is too tight will not look flattering, but it can also make daily activities like sitting at your desk or walking become unpleasant. It is not what you would want to have.
  • By combining the skirt with a simple white blouse and accessorize the top with a statement necklace is one of the easiest ways to pull off a classical lace pencil skirt. Throw on a well-tailored blazer over the outfit, and it will be great even for a work environment.
  • You need not have a body in the perfect proportions to wear the pencil skirt. You can hide your tummy by wearing cardigan sweater over your blouse, and use a tiny belt to accentuate your waist. This would distract attention to your tummy and make your entire look be in a balanced proportions.
  • As for the length of the skirt, a petite woman should opt for the skirt which its length would sit right on the knee so that it gives the illusion of having longer legs. Ladies of average height or tall should go for skirts with hemline reaching the smallest point of your legs, somewhere above or below the knee. Anyway, these are not the mantra to stick to as it is up to one’s personal choice on the length of skirts. Do feel free to try out different lengths and you would know better what is more suitable.

Overall, the lace pencil skirt is a fashion piece that is timeless, flexible, and classy, making it a prerequisite for any style arsenal. If you yet to have one in your wardrobe, then it is time to go for some shopping. It would worth every penny getting one as it would be an investment piece. LeggingsDifferent Type Of Skirtsblack lace pencil skirt,Lace Pencil Skirt,long lace skirts,white lace pencil skirtHow To Rule The Fashion Trend Of Lace Pencil Skirt  It can be tough to pair the lace pencil skirts with other wear pieces as they are so super feminine that they are deemed to be more dressed up or “fancy”. Though these skirts are not considered to be casual...It's all about different types of woman bottom and leggings that you will love.