How To Get The Best Out Of Flare Pants Outfits?

Are you still keeping a pair of flared jeans in your closet which you hardly wear? If yes, it could be due to the challenges you face when styling them. Do have a look at a few of our favorite ways to style flare jeans, the go-to-guide when it comes to flare jeans fashion. It is not just simple to pull together these outfits, but they also prove that you don’t have to be afraid of anything when styling this denim trend.

  1. How To Choose Your Flare Pants?

Flare pants should not be mistaken as “wide-legged pants”, as these pants are wide-bottom only. They are just like those pants that were popular in the seventies of the last century. They have an upper part that is tighter than their bottom part.

A. Width

The greater is your height, then the wider the pants should go. Note that flare pants with super large bottoms would make petite girls look shorter. One good advice to stick with is not to overdo with the pants’ bottom width (this or this considered to be too large), as too much of everything may not be good and it may not be practical.

B. Length

Since flare pants may make the leg looks shorter, so it’s best to wear them in full length and almost hitting the floor. Careful that it shall not touch the floor, or you risk ripping them or making them wet and dirty. Get the appropriate length according to the shoes that you would wear with the pants. If you cut them with flat shoes and then wear heels with them, then you would look like this, and it’s not stylish.

High Waisted Flare Pants

C. Waist

While both high or low waist would look nice, those with short legs can lengthen them by wearing high-waisted pants.

D. Bodytype

Girls in all shapes and sizes can have flattering looks with their flare pants. Tall and slender girls would gain from the volume that the pants give to the silhouette. On the other hand, girls with broad hips will look slimmer with the bottom’s width, in comparison to the look that skinny pants give. Short girls would look best in flare pants if they wear heels. As for busty girls with belly and narrow hips, affectionately known as the “apple”, they should wear flare pants cautiously as the pants may widen their slim legs and would give the impression of an overall larger body.

  1. How To Style: Flare Pants

White Flare Pants


A. The White

By wearing a white flare in the middle of spring, you can have an outfit with a touch of a summer season. White can be slightly risky when it comes to pants and jeans, even on flares. One has to be careful with underwear as most of the girls unsure of what to wear and resulting in not so flattering looks. Nevertheless, be bold to wear a total white outfit because nothing is more classy than the combination. The secret of making the outfit work is having bold details. You can keep an orange bag or wear a red lipstick. If you are not keen to try this combo, try pairing your white color high-waisted flare pants with your daily shirt or crop top.

B. The Colorful


Just as spring needs some color, so why not fill your life with some color by putting on a colorful flare? We have said that the ‘70s are the in thing now, go ahead and choose a theme for the weekend which can bring back the good old ‘70s vibes. Note that when you go with colors like blue, green, red or orange, let the rest of your outfit to be in a balance. Keep building the rest outfit and concentrate on the flare.

C. Belted Jacket


Use a belt to cinch your waist. You can have an elegant shape that accentuates your curves with this trench vest while still being appropriate for all occasions. By having pieces in a similar color on top would lengthen your silhouette and bring a balance to the flare below. You can even belt hip-hitting jackets to obtain shape for an otherwise bulky looking overcoat.

Black Flare Pants

D. Monotone

If accessorized well with a bit if flair, a monotone outfit doesn’t have to be boring. A funky clutch or a pop of color at the neckline would give the oomph you need to have these neat-as-a-pin getups. While wearing a tailored top can give some chic definition to your shape, a pair of chunky boots would give this solid look a streamlined foundation.

If you wants more check out the video below for more tips to style with flare pants. LeggingsPants For WomenBlack Flare Pants,flare pants outfits,high waisted flare pants,White Flare PantsHow To Get The Best Out Of Flare Pants Outfits? Are you still keeping a pair of flared jeans in your closet which you hardly wear? If yes, it could be due to the challenges you face when styling them. Do have a look at a few of our favorite ways...It's all about different types of woman bottom and leggings that you will love.