Pull The Look Together With Chinos For Women

Women’s chino pants or chinos are lightweight pants that are usually made of twilled cotton fabric. If you are new to chinos, you would be forgiven for thinking that they are the same with khaki pants, as most of the chino pants come in colors that are similar to the latter. If you have just gotten yourself a new pair of chino pants, the next challenge is to wear them with style and match them with suitable clothes.

Since there are just so many different ways to wear chinos in a fashionable manner, it is our pleasure to share with you all the tips on how you can wear chino pants for women with style. Before deciding on how you should wear your chino pants, you are to start by determining the look and style that you want to have. While chinos for women are more casual looking, you can wear them for a formal outfit at work when it is near the end of the week.

Chinos for women are available in a wide variety of various colors, allowing you to choose from a wide range of choices. Feel free to go with your favorite color and match it with suitable shoes and tops. The majority of the chino pants come in khaki colors, and that is why they look so casual.

The 5 Tips To Style In Womens Chinos Pants

The tips below will guide you on getting a stylish outfit with chino pants. Read on and stay in style in no time:


1.Consider color

When putting on an outfit together, the first thing you should keep in mind is the color. It is normally the first thing that people around you would notice. It is so important to get it right as it can be very obvious when it is wrong. Most chinos are in cream, brown, or even other fairly muted colors. It is wise to wear items in colors that are different from your chinos.

For example, it would work well when you pair beige chinos with a dark brown top, and even vice versa. Note that the top and bottom haldves of your outfit should not be in similar shades. This is because a solid block of color would be unappealing in comparison with colors that are broken up. However, this does not mean you should be in contrasting colors. When the difference is too noticeable, it can create a disruptive effect on the eyes.

When used properly, chinos in very strong, bright colors can make a powerful statement. But it is not advisable for most cases as they can be difficult to dress around. Unless you are very confident in your choice of outfit, you should just stay away fropm this option.

What Shoes To Wear With Chinos Female

2.Think about shoeswhat-shoes-to-wear-with-chinos-female

You would want to elongate your legs, so that you can have the ideal perceived height. Go with a delicate heel instead of a three to four inch heel, then you would have a subtle and elegant touch that can elevate your look, and your chinos would not be overwhelming.

When styling a casual outfit, you may give desert boots or leather / canvas sneakers a try. It is good to contrast. White shoes can go well with a standard pair of khaki chinos. Navy or dark brown leather can work just as well. The key is to make it simple as chinos are more sophisticated and tailored trousers that will not look good with anything trash and bold. The safest way is to stick with simple lace ups in a variety of materials and patterns that would still work with the casual vibe.

3. Accessoriesbelt-for-chinos-for-women

In the same manner with other outfits, it is important to accessorize. The belt is the accessory that is direcly related to the chinos, because it is in direct contact with the pants. In fact, belts are very flexible as they can work with a number of different looks and color schemes. Nevertheless, one should choose the right belt thoughtfully. In the same way, choose also the right shoes to go with your outfit. Break up the color blocks and not to disrupt them. While brown leather can give a subtle classy look, black is acceptable too. Your belt’s buckle should exhibit your personal tastes.

Accessories in other popular forms are bracelets, watches, bags and other jewelry. It is up to one’s personal decisions on how to accessorize, that are also some choices that can blend in perfectly to the chino-oriented outfits to create a casual and smart look. Satchel bags are great too.

Womens Chinos New Look

4. Styling For the Occasion


Casual Elegance – Chic Chino Styles

Combine your chinos with a feminine, classy top when you are dressing up for an evening out. Chiffon or silk are higher quality materials that can make you look particularly elegant. Skillfully add gorgeous accents to your look with refined lace inserts, then as your skin shimmering through, it gives a hint of sex appeal. High heels would match this look best. It is also okay to pair your chinos with a pair of sleek loafers or ankle boots. Pep up your neutral looking pants in white, gray, black, or even other pastel colored chinos by wearing shoes in the lighter tone of your chinos’ color. For instance, wear red chinos with a pair of red pumps, or wear a pair of bright blue pumps with your chinos in pale blue. Further enhance your outfit by bringing the right handbag, just be sure that it is in the same color with your shoes. If you are bringing a teal colored bag, then you should be wearing teal-colored shoes. When going out with your best girlfriends for a shopping trip together, go for a roomy shopper bag. A smaller, cuter bag is more suitable when you are going out to town during night time. While a chic clutch is great for an occasion, jewelry can make your entire outfit look even classier. To retain the casual charm of your chinos, just be sure that you retain a chic look by not being too busy. By going with certain pieces of jewelry like a matching bracelet and earrings, or some long necklaces can be quite overwhelming. Remember, less is more.


Sporty Chino Styles

For everyday wear in chinos, just be free and discover more casual styles. With exception to office wear, a wider selection of colors is available for you to choose from. During warmer days, pastel tones are ideal. Be it lilac, pink, yellow, or light blue, just go with your favorite. Pink and red are loud colors that are also okay for casual wear as these colors can bring a bright splash of color to your style. A knit sweater or a looser top that comes with a round or V-neck would look particularly casual. Throw on a cardigan to complete your outfit with chinos perfectly. Then, combine the style with casual sneakers, sporty chucks, or high heel sandals.

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