How To Wear Cargo Pants For Women The Sassy Way?

If you are not a suburban dad, you would be forgiven for not wearing the cargo pants which were made popular since the 90s of the last century. However, it is now time to get your cargos pants out from your closet as there are just so many awesome ways that they can be worn.

Types of Female Cargo Pants You Can Get

The cargo pants are recognizable without much effort due to their many large pockets. There are many different kinds of cargo pants for you to choose from, and it depends on your personal style preferences.

Type Description
Skinny Cargo Pants Made to taper at the ankles to give a tighter fit than regular cargo pants.
Camo Cargo Pants Come with typical camouflage patterns printed on them.
Drawstring Cargo Pants Instead of having the typical zip and button, a drawstring is present at the waist to keep the pants in position.
Rib Waist Cargo Pants The ribbed waistbands can expand to allow a large range of movement.
Cargo Capris Cargo pants of shorter length that end mid-calf.
Cargo Shorts Cargo pants that end at knee-length or above-knee-length.

Cargo pants come in various material and color. Though cargo pants are conventionally in dull and dark colors like gray, brown, and black, it is common to find cargo pants in bright colors. The most common materials of cargo pants are cotton and cotton blends. Materials like silk, lycra, nylon, and even leather can be made into cargo pants. Besides, the cargo pants also come in different cuts to suit different body types, and this is why it would be wise to remember some basic rules before purchasing pants of any kind.

What To Wear With Cargo Pants To Look Feminine

The army-style trouser can be seen everywhere now, and it is a great alternative to denim. Most of us tend to avoid this must-have piece as we fear being considered to be more of corporal-major rather than trendy-chic. We want to share with you some of the best outfits that would make you look glamorous, stylish, and classy when wearing cargo pants. We all may have different preferences and taste, but regardless of our differences, we assure you that you will not fail to find at least one favorite outfit from these apparel or trends.



When you accessorize appropriately, a banal pair of cargo trousers can be transformed into an outfit that is suitable for hitting the clubs or for a party. Scarves and hats are ideal options to go with these trousers, and you can even choose accessories with colors contrasting to what you will be wearing to get attention on them. For instance, wear a striped or printed scarf with a pair of light skinny trousers, or an orange or red color one with a pair of dark skinny cargo trousers. Costume jewelry is another type of accessories which you can consider when completing your outfit with cargo pants. The two good options for dressing up your favorite pair of cargo trousers is wearing a pair of boho earrings and some long metal necklaces.



Similar to skinny jeans, cargo pants are casual bottom wears, so it is a good idea to complement them with neutral colors like gray, black, or white. It is okay for ladies to wear a gray, black, or white color T-shirt with their cargo pants. And by having belting the cargo pants with a thick leather belt, T-shirt tucked in, and you would have a neat and smart look. Then, pair the outfit with a pair of black high heels that would match and complement your belt’s color. For a more personalized look, further complement the attire by throwing on a matching black cardigan or blazer. It will make your outfit stand out from the rest to give you stunning and unique casual outfit in cargo pants.

Finish the outfit with a medium size black handbag and dark sunnies, and then you are good to go. You may also dress in this for casual weekend happenings.



Give your outfit interest and texture by using a mix of patterns and shades. Throw on a tweed-style jacket à la Sincerely Jules to make your tough trousers look smart, or go Tash Sefton with a classic spring time look by teaming with a Breton.



Tanks are one of my favorite tops to wear with pants when out for casual happenings. Tanks are not just easy to match with most casual pants, but also look trendy and stylish. They are very flexible with pants as they come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns,

Try wearing tanks in black, gray, or white color with your cut women’s cargo pants. The neutral colors would surely match with almost all colors of women’s cargo pants. To make the getup look more casual and easy, do not tuck-in the tank. Then, throw on some accessories like earrings, armlets, and necklace, along with a matching jacket or cardigan. Complete the getup with High Heel Pumps or High Heel Booties, and then you are ready to go.


5.Feminine Blouse with Cargo Pant

To get a feminine touch when wearing your cargo pants, pair it with some feminine blouse. Further compliment the look by adding some fancy accessory to your outfit. The look is good when you are going for casual outings or lunch meet with your friends. Both flats and heels can compliment the look, so just choose any.


6. Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pantsshoe-to-wear-with-women-cargo-pants

You might think shoes are the best choice when you are wearing cargo pants in green but just see for yourself how amazing heels would look. You should always discover to see what dressing options that can make you prominent and stand out from the crowd. One easy way to achieve this is to compliment your outfit with a plain cardigan or top, then carry a statement handbag. This will give your whole outfit a different yet classical look. Just go with flats or heels, whichever you can carry yourself comfortably without hurting your feet. LeggingsPants For WomenCargo pants for women,female cargo pants,Shoes to Wear with Cargo Pants,what to wear with cargo pantsHow To Wear Cargo Pants For Women The Sassy Way? If you are not a suburban dad, you would be forgiven for not wearing the cargo pants which were made popular since the 90s of the last century. However, it is now time to get your cargos pants out from your...It's all about different types of woman bottom and leggings that you will love.