Idea To Dress Up In Boyfriend Jeans Outfit 

It now hit the news – that distressed jeans come with big style peek this year. The wear piece has come to save the day in daily outfit situations. However, there is a trick to pull off a flattering look in the distressed jeans. Styling holds the key to master the boyfriend jeans. For a balanced outfit in which you wouldn’t look sloppy, you should be super feminine and polished in the rest of your look. By wearing a floral pussy bow blouse that would be too chic to be fussy can epitomize your girly-girl look, then use a beige belt to add waist definition. You can have more balance with a pair of neutral sandals, and a bright turquoise satchel to give a girly pop of color. Complete the look using feminine but mature looking jewelry like oversized embellished studs and turquoise bangle.

The models below have done it in the right manner. Their style would be a guidance for you to make a friend out of boyfriend jeans in no time.

How To Dress Up Boyfriend Jeans


  1. Major Blazer


There are days when the bottom wear looks saggy and not-so-flattering, so make use a long blazer to cover them. It also prevents this ripped up jeans from looking sloppy.


  1. With a Button-Down Shirt

This look is so sexy and easy, making it the reason why we started to steal jeans from our boyfriends. When wearing the ultra-distressed and cuffed denim slim boyfriend jeans that are pictured here, pair it with a crisp, white button-down shirt that would give a downright alluring look. Proceed to accessorize the outfit with statement shoes and a fabulous shoulder bag, and men would be attracted to such a cheeky girl-meets-boy outfit.


  1. With a Leather Jacket


Since the days of James Dean and even Marlon Brando in the 50s of last century, the blue jeans and a leather jacket look has been defined as cool. Just like this high-waist, distressed pair pictured here, the look beautifully reminiscent of a rebel in a fitted motorcycle jacket, paired with relaxed boyfriend jeans and a striped tee-shirt. Basic white sneakers and classic black sunglasses make the perfect add-ons to the casually cool look which is ideal for weekends.


  1. Perfectly Playful


This look is comprised of many bold elements – a tuxedo with a strong shoulder, multiple bracelets, layered tops, and also, that hat! If not due to its monochromatic color pallet, the look can easily be overwhelming. But the one showed here, it looks just right.


  1. With a Feminine Blouse

When wearing the distressed, relaxed-fit jeans, pair it with a lacy, ruffled feminine blouse that can be a fun and sexy counterpoint in the outfit. Further compliment the outfit with a pair of exotic animal-print boots and an eye-catching statement shoulder bag, then you would get a great outfit for date nights, out to dinner, or gallery hopping.


The Key Style Tips

Since not all boyfriend jeans have the same design, this is why some work with certain tops better than the rest. There are a few matters to look into when getting a pair of boyfriend jeans.

  • Why make the trip to the seamstress for inseams which run long on you? Breathe a casual street style cool by tuning them up a few times into cuffs. This would make your trainers and plimsolls look fabulous. It is actually quite chic to show a bit of ankle, and your favorite ankle boots would look amazing by rolling up the hems a bit. This is also a great way to show off your shoes.
  • Fringe is trendy now, and shorter lengths with some fringe at the edge would give a raw appeal. You will now see that threading edges and fringe that gives a bit of the boho flair can be great styles that would look fabulous when paired with ruffled blouses and cold shoulder tops.
  • Go back in time to the 1990s grunge scene with a destroyed boyfriend jeans. Pairing it with a silky blouse and a pair of classic high heels would bring it to a more feminine and modern side. You don’t have to look sloppy due to their cut up, as you can go with a plaid shirt. Try also a cropped top under and a pair of clean sneakers. Alternatively, you can have a prettier flow with a silky plaid fabric.
  • You can maintain a fashion forward look by knowing what goes best with boyfriend jeans in lighter to darker washes. Dress yourself up in dark washes and cool printed tops, let the outfit be monochromatic, either all-white or all-black. Many white boyfriend jeans are for you to choose from out there, so why shy away from white denim? When pair with white or floral printed shirts, light washes look lovely too.


Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans


1) Boy Friend Jeans with Trainers

We are in love with this fabulous and ultra chic look that comes with an edgy vibe. You will need a blue metallic shirt to go with your boyfriend jeans for a party at your place, even when needed to move around to serve the guests. Smokey eyes and loose straightened hair is the ideal combo to go with, then use some comfort from a pair of low top white sneakers.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Flats


2) Flats

While flats are the perfect footwear for work, prevent them from looking plain by wearing bold colored pairs. They would work great even for casual weekends while you are in your favorite boyfriend jeans. Laced up styles are another major hits among flats.

How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans With Boots


3) Ankle Boots

Ankle boots that are flat or heeled are the best for you to pull through colder falls and rainy springs. Being the best shoe when transitioning through seasons, you should wear ankle boots with cuffed denim or raw-edged hems.


4) Caged Heels

When you recall the term “relaxed clothing”, every jean lover would be quick to suggest boyfriend jeans. The wardrobe essential are usually worn in a rolled up manner, and the shoes that can give a glam look in these jeans are caged heels. Caged heels offer a sexy twist when you pair it with your boyfriend jeans, breaking up the black color which is often found with plain boots. There is an array of colors that you can choose, and the brighter the color goes, the brighter your outfit would be, giving a bigger sense of sexiness and confidence. Note that you should match your heels’ color with your top or the bag you are carrying.


5) Pointed Pumps

If you are tired of wearing gowns and frocks to the next party that you will be attending, then consider a pair of old boyfriend jean. Further, amp up the heat with a pair of blue pumps that is plain pointed yet a killer. These will give you a slinky but casual look that you are dying to get. Rounded pumps are okay too if you are not acquainted with pointed ones, as they would give a more sophisticated look as your feet stay comfortable in them. Complete the outfit by wearing a white plain top and throw on a blue blazer. LeggingsPants For Womenboyfriend jeans outfit,how to dress up boyfriend jeans,how to wear boyfriend jeans with boots,how to wear boyfriend jeans with flats,shoes to wear with boyfriend jeansIdea To Dress Up In Boyfriend Jeans Outfit  It now hit the news - that distressed jeans come with big style peek this year. The wear piece has come to save the day in daily outfit situations. However, there is a trick to pull off a flattering look in...It's all about different types of woman bottom and leggings that you will love.